Winky faces/emoji creep me out

So there aren’t many things that bother me, except winky faces. They are the epitome of creepy. I mean who uses a winky face in real life while talking to someone? Imagine how weird that would look if someone were to do that to anyone. Now I’m someone who hates the winky emoji because it’s just outright creepy. Imagine someone saying through a text:

Person: Hey


Person: Hey 😉

Ew. That’s cringe worthy in my opinion. See how a winky face changes the whole context of the sentence? A simple hey can become something that’s suggestive all because of an emoji. Now there are many other emojis people can use to be animated if they really wanted to be animated individuals like the smiley face. But the winky face? Nope, never. It’s just something that should never go in a conversation if one wants to be taken seriously.

Yes. I have a personal vendetta against that emoji, it might be because I’ve had way too many creepy online experiences where people think they’re being cute by using the winky emoji when they’re not. Look, I like people as much as the next person (which isn’t a great example because I’m pretty sure a lot of people don’t like people but I digress!) but these emojis just make things weird and awkward for the person receiving them. While there is one other emoji that bothers me: I’m talking about you, sticking out tongue emoji, that isn’t the issue at hand. My issue is that we must all boycott the winky emoji. Unless you’re all about openly creepy, in which case, by all means embrace your inner creep, you creep!

I want to say I know that you winky face users mean well, but in most cases, you really don’t so I’m not going to say that. What I will say is, remember every time you use a winky face to someone who is kind of a stranger to you, their “are you a creep meter” goes off. Keep that in mind every time you use a winky emoji.

If you choose to wink in real life, sure you’ll look a little weird but you’ll just come off as weird and not as creepy.

Save lives, don’t use the winky emoji.