Before embarking on my disconnect from social media, I announced my disappearance just as a heads up. I was dismayed by the negativity I received. I ended up discussing that with my coworker, asking why people resort to negativity in the face of any change. He responded saying most people don’t want others to be happy. As much as I don’t want that to be true, I do think he’s right, most people are adverse to change and don’t want people to better themselves. It makes sense because if someone is doing better than them people either resort to one of the two options: 1) try bringing them down 2) try to improve themselves.

I will take it as a blessing as to who I should avoid in the future.

It hasn’t even been one day and I already know who to avoid. As time progresses with this transition I’ll learn my place with many friends and acquaintances. I do have to remind myself though, that this journey is for me, myself alone. I’m doing this so that I can grow a backbone and learn how to fend for myself. It isn’t to say I’m not going to be kind because that’s something I don’t think I can change about myself. However, I will be a little more guarded with my kindness because living in NYC (or anywhere for the matter), if you put others first they will abuse that power.