Progress Logs and Whatnot

I’m going to be adding a progress log on this site to track what I’m up to, as I said before, I’m going to be adding most of my adventurous stuff on my other blog. If there’s anything that’s helping me through this transitional period of time in my life it’s my coworkers, few friends and my music. What prompted this disappearance was the song “Break The Sky” by The Hush Sound.

“Weight of days lost holding you down
You’ll look for me, but I wont be found
The blue birds flutter in my chest
Oh, they want to sing
You’ll have to break me open to hear anything
Before the world dies at my door

I’ll break the sky, for you and I are going no where
Kiss good-bye a dozen times before we give them
Why do I need anyone else?
When I can break the sky myself

Won’t be haunted by dreams I’ve deferred
Won’t set my heart frozen in amber”

The bolded lyrics in the song emphasize the effect I want to create and what I expect of myself. I need to learn how to pick myself up by the bootstrap and not worry about others. While I don’t know who is viewing this site or if it’s anyone I know, whoever you guys are, you’ll have an insight that others won’t have. I’m deactivating all my social media soon enough, I have all the phone numbers of the people I care about so it won’t matter if I continue using social media or not.