Bullet Journaling

If there’s one thing I’ve wanted to try it was bullet journaling.

Bullet journals always look phenomenal when I saw them online but I was terrified to try them out. I finally decided to give it a go when I saw this buzzfeed article. While the article from Buzzfeed was helpful, it wasn’t as helpful as bulletjournal.com. The website goes into detail as to what to do and how to manage a bullet journal from the actual creator of the system. Being someone who is constantly bogged down with a thousand things to do, I’m hoping this will help me manage.

If there’s anything I love, it’s creating lists for myself but that’s also how I stress myself out too. So I always end up feeling like I’m not doing as much as I’m supposed to even if it’s out of my control. My first attempt at de-stressing will be this bullet journal, shortly after I’m going to try my hand on meditation. I hear meditation helps immensely with mental clarity so I’ll see when I can find the time to do so!

One thing I love about the bullet journal system is the appearance of organization it gives. I do hope the key works and I actually end up utilizing this system for the most part. If by any chance that does happen, I’m going to put up snapshots of the journal and how it helped. Welcome September of productivity!

Anyway, the supplies I’m using for this bullet journal experiment is a Peter Pauper grid journal. The writing utensils I’m using will vary from Sharpie pens to Muji pens, which I LOVE.