I’ve been thinking about posting this for a long time and finally decided to do so. Now let’s talk about respect, a very necessary ingredient in any relationship (friendship, family or romance). From what I’ve observed is that while most people elicit respect in a familial or friendship level, very few do so with romance. While it isn’t obvious to the naked eye, there are minor signs where a person isn’t respected but we don’t see that until it’s too late.

Most people are so caught up in their perception of who the person “can be” rather than who they actually “are”.

We all tend to wear rose tinted glasses when we’re infatuated with someone. It’s also why once the “honeymoon stage” is over people tend to notice tiny behaviors they didn’t otherwise. We tend to gloss over unacceptable behaviors from people we care about because we want to believe they mean the best for us.

Behaviors that would be considered disrespectful are things like blaming a person for their emotional state or ghosting.

If there is respect, once you communicate your thoughts they will try to improve rather than shifting the blame.
Shifting the blame is the ultimate sign of disrespect. It means a person refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem that needs to be solved. However, in my experiences, it’s true respect must be earned otherwise others will abuse it.

If a person respects you, they will be straightforward even if it means that you’ll get hurt. While it may hurt, at least they value you enough to be honest with you. If there’s one thing to take away from this post is: without honesty or respect a relationship means nothing.