Before I used to think that timing made no difference in finding the “right” person. But my opinion has changed on that. Sometimes because of timing, two people who are perfect for one another have to grow individually before they can come together. While there’s this whole concept of “the right person will come regardless of the time”, sometimes that isn’t the case.

What if you have to grow as a person?

What if it’s that person who has to grow? I’m not advocating waiting around. What I am saying is sometimes circumstances stop the right people from meeting or getting together. Maybe it’s foolish of me to hold on to this belief but I do believe there are plenty cases of such.

Sometimes it takes time apart for people to realize that they’re perfect for one another. Sometimes it takes meeting other people in between to make them realize the same truths.

Truth is nothing in life is ever set in stone.

We take chances hoping for the best but sometimes there’s that something that keeps us looking back. Something you just can’t let go. And as much as I hate looking back as I’m a firm believer as what’s in the past should remain there, sometimes that isn’t the case.