Week long hiatus?

I always say that I’m going to try these things yet, I never actually follow through with them. Hopefully this time around I do though. I think 2016 put a lot in perspective for me. While there were a lot of bad experiences, it’s those bad experiences that shaped me as a person. Sure feeling broken sucks, but picking yourself up after those times are the most rewarding. We’re always on a conquest to figure out what we want or how we expect our lives to be. Not that there’s anything wrong with ambition because obviously there isn’t. But what this year taught me more than anything is, is that nothing is certain. The more we try to achieve or gain certainty the farther away from happiness or any sense of security we get.

I finished listening to The Art of Not Giving a Fuck and it really impacted me. Impacted me so much so I decided on rereading it, highlighting, and writing down all the things I find necessary. The scary part about the book is that it addresses a reality we all will face no matter what. And that reality is, is that we’re all going to die. While this is the obvious truth, it’s something we don’t think about. We try to distract ourselves from it and ultimately that stops us from leaving a legacy that proves beneficial for the world ahead of us.

I have to stop myself before I go too much into it because I’m leaving that for another blog post on the book itself.

Back to 2016 stuff

My new year’s goal for the first week is going to be to reflect on what improved in my life and what I can improve on. Ultimately, I want to take a week to reflect on myself.

As we grow older, we can either embrace change or do everything in our power to stop it. But if we stop ourselves from experiencing change we limit ourselves to experiences too. It isn’t to say that we shouldn’t aim for a life of comfort, but we should accept the fact that change is inevitable. We should always strive to keep an open mind but understandably it’s very difficult to do. (All these thoughts are to some extent or another mentioned in Manson’s book as well!)

So what does this have to do with going on a week long hiatus? Easy, with this break I get to reassess what I consider things I give a fuck about. Social media is great, it really is. BUT it’s also one of the biggest distractions we have. I want to become a successful author. Writing is my passion but I can’t do that when I’m on Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter. Unless I learn how to manage my time better (which I will learn soon enough), these social sites stop me from achieving my goals. And yes I know it’s easy to spread the blame when it comes into my lack of consistency. I have so many ideas that I’ve been meaning to work on and get to them because what makes me happiest is knowing that I’m capable of putting out something I love.

With this week off, I hope to achieve some sense of serenity away from anyone and everyone.

The people I consider close to me, know how to contact me so being away from social media shouldn’t be too hard. Well here goes nothing. (My blog will be posting articles though as I do want to be consistent with my writing!) Also I have a lot of ideas. Anyhow!

May everyone’s 2017 be an amazing year filled with joy and opportunity!