Wasting time

I’m a calm and forgiving person, because I know life gets in the way from time to time. But what I absolutely cannot stand is when people take advantage of my kindness and patience. The most ultimate sign of disrespect to me is wasting time. Time is the one thing that people can never get back, which is why it’s so important. I try to make time for everyone important in my life. When I do take time out, I value them. My kindness has let people stay in my life despite them having no respect for my time whatsoever. I understand if people are busy but if they don’t have the decency to tell me ahead of time, it’s a sure way to make me dislike you.  If someone is too “busy” to make plans, then simply DON’T make plans.

I only dislike a few people and that’s because of entitlement they believe they possess. We all have lives we have to tend to but I thoroughly believe that if someone values you, they will make time for you. They will not come up with excuses of how “busy” they are. If ER doctors can make plans with people they can, surely anyone can. And that’s something I will continue believing. However, it’s fine if someone doesn’t prioritize someone over other things they deem to be important. I get it, there are other things that are far more important to others over said person. That’s fair, we all have things we prefer doing over others.

However, to blatantly disregard the feelings of another person is downright rude. To make plans only to cancel last minute, shows how much someone doesn’t value the time they took out. That’s also why I cut out people from my life, if they choose to act that way. I’d like to think I’m a forgiving person because I understand things do happen but when this becomes a constant then I’m done. There’s only so much patience a person has and I’ve come to the point where I’m legitimately not willing to give second chances anymore.