Just going through my old blog posts I had a lot going on in the past. While I don’t really mind the intensity of my blog posts, I’m a light hearted person for the most part. I like keeping things “airy” and fun. It isn’t to say that I’m not happy with the quality of my writing but I let negativity get the best of me and affect me. But hey, you live and you learn! I’ve been working on my poetry Instagram more often and I started keeping up with my NYC based Instagram. (Hopefully I’ll begin working on that blog more too as it would help immensely with my writing portfolio.) From here on in, however, I plan on making my posts more “fun” and less downtrodden.

I cannot wait to write Alpacasaur as another addition to Spidercorn. I’m surprised that people even bought Spidercorn but it goes to show you anything can sell online. Plus it was something I just wrote for no reason in particular. Also Rats of NYC zine will be out soon, it’s a zine that’s about the rats that inhabit NYC and just silly random facts. I’ll put up a link to buy them online (or if you want to check them out and put out a good word about them, I’ll mail it your way for promo purposes!)

Anyhow I’ll put up some more new work soon enough! I hope everyone is alive and well from the last time I was around!