Ahhhh. Yes ahhh. I have been SO busy with my freelance writing on the side but fret not, I am back. Kind of. Anyhow, I disappeared because I was working on my freelance portfolio. Freelance writing sure as hell isn’t easy, but I must, if I plan on taking my writing seriously. But I also want to finish my books soon. However, I’m starting a blog emusaurus.com then again I FREAKING LOVE EMUS. I’m going to try to distance myself far from the brand as I possibly can. The reason being that I hate mixing my own personal life with work stuff.

Anyhow, check out emusaurus.com (even though I haven’t added anything on that site as of yet) or add my emusaurus instagram @ emusaur_ ! If you’d like to check out my random poetry it’s at the instagram handle of @writingsbyannie. When I’m able to afford more in regards to food, I plan on starting an NYC food based blog but that’ll be along the way.

I do want to write more lifestyle blog based posts however, I’m trying to also publish those on other platforms just because. But once I start having more topics on mind I’ll put them up here. I’m just all over the place and have a lot to talk about BUT that will happen when my life is more in order than it is now. I swear I haven’t died (well at not literally) but I’ll get to other ways I’ve died in the past few weeks in more detail later. That’ll be another issue that (although personal) I’ll share because I want people to feel like they can relate. And that’s only because I know I’m not the *only* one who is going through the situation I’m going through. BUT I SWEAR I DON’T HAVE THAT MANY PROBLEMS lol.

  • Jeremy Greysmark

    you have got such random thoughts, but it is interesting to read 😀