Did I Die?

Seems like I sure do a lot of dying on my own personal blog. Truth is, I have no idea what to talk about as of late because everything is super hectic! I’m working on ways that I can manage my time better and devote myself to the projects I want to. I still haven’t finished my cockroach apocalypse book and other various projects. I feel like I have the capability of doing so much more, if only I could stop myself from getting in my head.

There are so many projects I’ve been meaning to work on. From magazine related topics to random zines that I have. I also have yet to post those poetry stickers around everywhere and leave my zines in random places. Managing these things seems tedious but I know that if I can focus on it, I can definitely achieve greatness.

Ugh, the constant shadow of knowing you can achieve things is daunting. But I also know it’s doable. Anyhow, I’m hoping *really hoping*, that I can have some work out soon and be more consistent with the blog posts.