How To Embrace Your Inner Old Person

I’m working on a book called “How To Embrace Your Inner Old Person”. It’s a guide for 20 something year olds. I planned on having out sometime during last week but clearly that didn’t come into formation. However, *hopefully* by the end of this or next week I’ll have it out. I plan on also finishing up the book I’ve been working on for the past four years but let it die. Maybe I should write a book about how to die often. Probably because that’s what I tend to do a lot for some reason when it comes to my online posting. I’m also going to start making Spidercorn 2 because who didn’t love Spidercorn?! Check out my poetry instagram too because I’m a hopeless romantic who clearly is way too in over her head. I should also start putting my zines out everywhere.

These are all what-ifs though and should haves. I’ll post more when I actually go through with everything.