Annie is a native New Yorker, who uses her blog to write about how she feels. She isn’t sure how to write about herself without it sounding like a dating profile. How do about pages even work?

Besides this momentary confusion, she writes in her free time for her other blog (confessionsofanewyorker.com). She is also the published author of her best selling book Spidercorn. A beautiful story about an unicorn and spider falling in love.

Contrary to popular belief due to the nature of Spidercorn, she does not do any drugs. She is also coming out with the sequel to Spidercorn by the end of 2016 for the fans of Spidercorn.

In her free time, she wanders the streets of NYC aimlessly and goes to concerts. She is also working on a few serious novels in hopes of becoming a published author in the realm of big publishing firms.

TL:DR: Annie is an awesome NYC author, who likes penguins and wrote a book called Spidercorn.