How To Embrace Your Inner Old Person

I’m working on a book called “How To Embrace Your Inner Old Person”. It’s a guide for 20 something year olds. I planned on having out sometime during last week but clearly that didn’t come into formation. However, *hopefully* by the end of this or next week I’ll have it out. I plan on also finishing up the book I’ve been working on for the past four years but let it die. Maybe I should write a book about how to die often. Probably because that’s what I tend to do a lot for some reason when it comes to my online posting. I’m also going to start making Spidercorn 2 because who didn’t love Spidercorn?! Check out my poetry instagram too because I’m a hopeless romantic who clearly is way too in over her head. I should also start putting my zines out everywhere.

These are all what-ifs though and should haves. I’ll post more when I actually go through with everything.

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Why I became a writer

When we’re younger we’re asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” We dream up all these ideas of what we want to do without reservations. Then as we grow we seem to forget what we’re happiest doing. That’s probably because we all want to fit in. Then when we’re of age we question ourselves again asking what it is we’re happiest doing? Some of us chase the option of money, some of us chase whatever the newest trend is. Most of us forget what we said when we were children, some of us doubt our choices. Most of us doubt ourselves because we’re not sure if our childhood dream can become reality.

I always enjoyed writing, it’s something I’m passionate about. Growing up I wasn’t the strongest in my writing skills but I wrote nonetheless. I used to write a lot of poetry and still do to this day from time to time. I still keep a journal even if I feel embarrassing mentioning the fact that I journal. Journaling is good for mental wellbeing and I stand by that.

The reason I enjoy writing is I get to share a creative viewpoint with the world, even if it might be about the most mundane thoughts.

I firmly believe in the statement, “the pen is mightier than the sword,” and it holds true. In times of trouble, it’s usually writers that hold the most power. Not because they have any affiliation with any party but because words can affect people on a mass scale. I could get into technical terms such as religion and philosophies. Words can motivate people to fight for a cause or fight against a cause. It’s also why we have to allow artistic expression from all sides of the world because if we’re only told one side of a story how can we understand the other perspective.

The reason I became a writer was to make an impact. I write on blogs from time to time to share my experiences with the world. If someone can read my writing and say, hey I know this time for me is difficult but I can make it through. Or “I’m not alone and I can get through this”. That’s my ultimate goal with writing is to inspire others to lead a better life for themselves and the world around them.

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I’m back from the dead!

This week has been all sorts of craziness and productiveness. Started a few books/almost finished with them. I forgot to upload a video blog but tomorrow hopefully! In order to catch up for the lack of posts this week, I’ll be posting daily for the next two weeks.

So this post is about fixating on things. Usually I let my anxiety get the best of me and fixate on things out of my control. However, this time I’m fixating on something healthy. Which is to better myself and push myself out of my tiny bubble. This is more of an update post but I’m also going to post something else along with this blog post.

I ended up taking a goal setting/accountability course, courtesy of One Month because I took a few coding classes online with them. I have kind of a love hate relationship with web development. It tends to be really tedious which makes it frustrating at time though, which explains the *dislike* part about it.

Anyway, the course for goal setting was super helpful in that it taught me to narrow down my goals into more achievable tiny goals. 

So goals for this year?

  • Publish my books
  • Blog consistently
  • Finish these Udemy courses I have
  • Become a somewhat proficient web developer
  • Fully immerse myself in freelance writing
  • Submit a few personal essays to reputable sites
  • Travel outside of NYC
  • Finish reading every book on my Kindle

I think those are attainable goals. So now my ultimate fixation is on myself rather than on situations that are out of my control. Here’s to hoping for a better future!

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