Did I Die?

Seems like I sure do a lot of dying on my own personal blog. Truth is, I have no idea what to talk about as of late because everything is super hectic! I’m working on ways that I can manage my time better and devote myself to the projects I want to. I still haven’t finished my cockroach apocalypse book and other various projects. I feel like I have the capability of doing so much more, if only I could stop myself from getting in my head.

There are so many projects I’ve been meaning to work on. From magazine related topics to random zines that I have. I also have yet to post those poetry stickers around everywhere and leave my zines in random places. Managing these things seems tedious but I know that if I can focus on it, I can definitely achieve greatness.

Ugh, the constant shadow of knowing you can achieve things is daunting. But I also know it’s doable. Anyhow, I’m hoping *really hoping*, that I can have some work out soon and be more consistent with the blog posts.

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Ahhhh. Yes ahhh. I have been SO busy with my freelance writing on the side but fret not, I am back. Kind of. Anyhow, I disappeared because I was working on my freelance portfolio. Freelance writing sure as hell isn’t easy, but I must, if I plan on taking my writing seriously. But I also want to finish my books soon. However, I’m starting a blog emusaurus.com then again I FREAKING LOVE EMUS. I’m going to try to distance myself far from the brand as I possibly can. The reason being that I hate mixing my own personal life with work stuff.

Anyhow, check out emusaurus.com (even though I haven’t added anything on that site as of yet) or add my emusaurus instagram @ emusaur_ ! If you’d like to check out my random poetry it’s at the instagram handle of @writingsbyannie. When I’m able to afford more in regards to food, I plan on starting an NYC food based blog but that’ll be along the way.

I do want to write more lifestyle blog based posts however, I’m trying to also publish those on other platforms just because. But once I start having more topics on mind I’ll put them up here. I’m just all over the place and have a lot to talk about BUT that will happen when my life is more in order than it is now. I swear I haven’t died (well at not literally) but I’ll get to other ways I’ve died in the past few weeks in more detail later. That’ll be another issue that (although personal) I’ll share because I want people to feel like they can relate. And that’s only because I know I’m not the *only* one who is going through the situation I’m going through. BUT I SWEAR I DON’T HAVE THAT MANY PROBLEMS lol.

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Just going through my old blog posts I had a lot going on in the past. While I don’t really mind the intensity of my blog posts, I’m a light hearted person for the most part. I like keeping things “airy” and fun. It isn’t to say that I’m not happy with the quality of my writing but I let negativity get the best of me and affect me. But hey, you live and you learn! I’ve been working on my poetry Instagram more often and I started keeping up with my NYC based Instagram. (Hopefully I’ll begin working on that blog more too as it would help immensely with my writing portfolio.) From here on in, however, I plan on making my posts more “fun” and less downtrodden.

I cannot wait to write Alpacasaur as another addition to Spidercorn. I’m surprised that people even bought Spidercorn but it goes to show you anything can sell online. Plus it was something I just wrote for no reason in particular. Also Rats of NYC zine will be out soon, it’s a zine that’s about the rats that inhabit NYC and just silly random facts. I’ll put up a link to buy them online (or if you want to check them out and put out a good word about them, I’ll mail it your way for promo purposes!)

Anyhow I’ll put up some more new work soon enough! I hope everyone is alive and well from the last time I was around!

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Spidercorn Merch & updates

Guys, I put up some Spidercorn merch on teespring. If you’d like to have a little bit of Spidercorn feel free to buy some stuff! Here’s the link to it https://teespring.com/based-on-the-best-seller-spide you can purchase some stickers or a shirt. I’m also going to come out with this lovely book soon called Alpacasaur because I love alpacas. While I love all animals, alpacas have a special place in my heart because of their faces being SO adorable. ALSO I have to update this site but new instagram for poetry is instagram.com/writingsbyannie. I have a few more projects coming out. However, I’ll actually post them instead of writing about them.

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